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NUFFICNetherlands Universities Foundation for International Cooperation
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Entre las diferentes vias de reconocimiento de los aprendizajes que se estan desprendiendo de esta realidad (Sobrado, 2003; Sanz Fernandez, 2005; Medina y Sanz Fernandez, 2009; NUFFIC, 2009, 2012; European Commission, 2014; etc.), en este articulo nos interesa centrar la atencion en la acreditacion de los aprendizajes por via laboral o profesional en la educacion superior.
A 2012 study by Rosa Becker and Renze Kolster, the Netherlands Organization for International Cooperation in Higher Education (NUFFIC), concluded that the number of countries engaged in the recruitment of students has grown considerably.
Mbagaya has received a number of research grants and fellowships including: DAAD, Rockefeller Foundation, African Academy of Sciences, NUFFIC, IDRC and CHE.
The education level of participants was measured with the question, "What is your highest level of completed education?" Because the educational system in each country is different, we translated respondent answers to EQF levels with the assistance of the European Qualifications Framework comparison website of the European Commission (2013) and the country modules of Nuffic (2013).
5 points) 5 Pass mark 35 Source: NUFFIC ( .The Pass mark denotes the number of points which are required for admission.
Internationalizing the curriculum in higher education: Experiences in the Netherlands, Amsterdam, The Netherlands: Nuffic.
As a response to the challenges, the government has put into action such programs as HERA, Socioeconomic Development Plan 2006-2010, the New Model University Project, and the Resolution on Comprehensive and Fundamental Reform of Higher Education in Vietnam 2006-2020 (Nuffic Neso Vietnam, 2009; Runckel, n.d.).
Internationalisation at Home: A Position Paper, European Association for International Education/Academic Cooperation Association, IAK, IESEG, Nuffic, Katholieke Hogeschool Limburg and Malmo University, 29-34.
Commenting on the partnership Harjiv Singh, Founder and Publisher, BrainGain Magazine said, "We are delighted about the partnership with NUFFIC Neso Desk India.
This support is offered by Nuffic - Netherlands Organization for International Cooperation in Higher Education.
The authors wish to recognize the financial and material contributions made to this study by NUFFIC, Deans Committee of the University of Nairobi, GC Europe, 3M ESPE Germany.
Docente en los cursos Nuffic sobre Gestion Integral del Recurso Hidrico (GIRH).