NUFFTNon-Uniform Fast Fourier Transform
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In this section, we propose the group sparse BPDN-based imaging approach for polarimetric TWRI system by combining the SPGL1 algorithm and NUFFT technique to reduce the computer memory requirement and improve the computational efficiency and the imaging performance.
A 2D NUFFT of NER (Non-Equispaced Results) type is adopted for the computation of the analytical functional gradient of the relevant cost functional to be minimized during the synthesis process.
Furthermore, to improve computational efficiency, a fast and accurate NUFFT is adopted to calculate the forward scatter field.
Zhang, "Improved 3-D GPR detection by nufft combined with MPD method, " Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol.
Thanks to the ideas of [16, 21], and [22], we propose a new hybrid approach based on nonuniform Fourier transform (NUFFT) and the global optimization to optimize the sidelobe level suppression, the null control and antenna layout.
So the DMNUFFT algorithm is proposed with the DM and NUFFT. The process of the DMNUFFT algorithm can be summarized as follows.
Here, the NUFFT approach is used to accurately evaluate the integrals within the braces.
The NUFFT-based iterative methods that combine the CG algorithm with NUFFT operations have been used in MRI [52], modern tomographic systems [53], and synthetic aperture imaging radiometers [10].
Regarding the radiation operator for the APRPOS, NUFFT routines have been adopted to cope with the irregular spacing, see [55].
In Section 3, the backprojection algorithm is described by paying particular attention to the FFT + interpolation stage and by discussing how the latter can be implemented by a Non Equispaced Results (NER) NUFFT [8, 9].
The comparison of the computational time between the interpolation-FFT and NUFFT are also shown.
This method adopts a triangular mesh to conform with the arbitrary shape of the discontinuity boundary, the Gaussian quadrature to increase the accuracy, and 2D nonuniform fast Fourier transform (NUFFT) [18-21] to provide a computational complexity comparable with the traditional FFT algorithm.