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For as the Apostle saith of godliness, Having a show of godliness, but denying the power thereof; so certainly there are, in point of wisdom and sufficiently, that do nothing or little very solemnly: magno conatu nugas. It is a ridiculous thing, and fit for a satire to persons of judgment, to see what shifts these formalists have, and what prospectives to make superficies to seem body, that hath depth and bulk.
At the Obafemi Awolowo University Staff Club, the BSCAC Swange troupe performed after the closing ceremony of NUGA 2014 and most colleagues who I am a Tiv person came giving complements to the wonderful Swange dance they watched.
The "Improving Robustness: Nuga Hedging" section shows how strategies can be made more robust through the use of the new concept of Nuga hedging.
Of the various plants used by the practitioners for treatment of elephantiasis, only Caesalpinia nuga has been reported previously as an anti-filarial plant (Moon et al., 2010).
"[...] no pocas veces sucede que viendo el lere la imposibilidad de curar a sus pacientes le hace una exhortacion con que le persuade que mas vale morirse de una vez e irse al cielo, que estar pensando en esas miserias y desdichas: en respondiendo el enfermo Nuga (que si) le cubren su cara con un trapo viejo, y el lere le mete una lanza en su costado, con que al instante espira el enfermo.
Improvements in construction standards have been made to NUGA's CentriCut granulators to extend service life.
Two different parts from the same plant could have separate applications; the seeds of Caesalpinia nuga were taken as an intoxicant, but leaf paste was applied to skin disorders.
(95) Sunday Seoul, "Nuga Tan 'gun ui mogul penun 'ga?" [Who is decapitating Tan'gun?].
Probably the most unusual is the CentriCut single-shaft model from Nuga AG in Switzerland (represented here by Weima).
Nativity, a Christmas story about the postal workers of Nuga Moya, was a spectacle of anarchic theatricality, delivered with a graceful economy of plot and character.
He also encouraged students to not hide their talents, as the university plans to participate and excel in major sports competitions, including the Nigerian Universities Games (NUGA) and the West African University Games (WAUG).