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For as the Apostle saith of godliness, Having a show of godliness, but denying the power thereof; so certainly there are, in point of wisdom and sufficiently, that do nothing or little very solemnly: magno conatu nugas. It is a ridiculous thing, and fit for a satire to persons of judgment, to see what shifts these formalists have, and what prospectives to make superficies to seem body, that hath depth and bulk.
Gillamac said they applied and were granted 11 search warrants to look for firearms and drugs in the three houses in Barangay Nalhub and Jolomaynon in Dalaguete, Nugas in Alcoy and in Bolojoon.
The "Improving Robustness: Nuga Hedging" section shows how strategies can be made more robust through the use of the new concept of Nuga hedging.
We will use the expression Nuga hedging (13) to refer to strategies that aim to minimize our exposure to risk associated with the choice of W and the method used to recalibrate the random-walk drift [v.sub.[kappa]].
For Delta and Nuga hedging we recognize that nothing can be done about the residual risk [[??].sub.2], so we seek to neutralize [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] and [N.sub.L][[epsilon].sub.v] through holding [h.sub.1] and [h.sub.2] units, respectively, of [H.sub.1] and [H.sub.2].
Different Ws will result in different straight lines, but all of these lines will intersect at the same point: the Delta and Nuga hedged portfolio.
We have introduced the notion of Nuga hedging, and we have demonstrated how the use of Delta-Nuga hedging results in strategies that are robust relative to uncertainties in the calibration of the key drift parameter, [v.sub.[kappa]].
Jwanse' urak[activar tachado]u[desactivar tachado] igaw[activar tachado]u[desactivar tachado]n nuga ni.
En el siguiente ejemplo, ik[activar tachado]u[desactivar tachado] in'gwi 'un hombre' es el sustantivo nucleo del sujeto y Risyu za'ki nuga 'el nombre es Lisio' es la subordinada adjetiva.
k[activar tachado]u[desactivar tachado] n zi-se' ga-na dingiri kaw-in palo gusano-ERG comer-DiST parecer-PRE 'El palo que los gusanos comieron esta lleno de huecos.' Eyma ga'k[activar tachado]u[desactivar tachado]nam[activar tachado]u[desactivar tachado] makinase' guk[activar tachado] u[desactivar tachado]n nugari eyma ga'k[activar tachado]u[desactivar tachado]nam[activar tachado]u[desactivar tachado] makina-se' guk-[activar tachado]u[desactivar tachado]n nug-a-ri esa palabra maquina-ERG agarrar-DUR AUX-MED-TOP riwin nuga na' n[activar tachado]u[desactivar tachado]nno riwi-[activar tachado]u[desactivar tachado]n nug-a na-' n[activar tachado]u[desactivar tachado]n-no aprender-DUR AUX-MED COP-NEG COP-INTERR '?Estan aprendiendo las palabras que la grabadora grabo?'.
Tigri gwak[activar tachado]u[desactivar tachado]ya ana'nuga aw [activar tachado]u[desactivar tachado]n' kawa gwak[activar tachado]u[desactivar tachado]ya awga tigri gwak[activar tachado]u[desactivar tachado]-ya ana'nuga aw [activar tachado]u[desactivar tachado]n' kawa gwak[activar tachado]u[desactivar tachado]-ya awga jaguar matar-MED animal grande parecer matar-MED citativo gw[activar tachado]u[desactivar tachado]n n[activar tachado] u[desactivar tachado]ndi...
El siguiente ejemplo muestra esto con el verbo chw[activar tachado]u[desactivar tachado]n; [activar tachado]j[desactivar tachado]wia' nayun nuga 'caminar de dia' es el complemento de chw[activar tachado]u[desactivar tachado]n: