NUGCNewcastle United Golf Club (Newcastle, England, UK)
NUGCNottingham University Gliding Club
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Ficuseptines B-D (non N-oxides) and compounds (32-35) showed cytotoxic activities against two human cancer cell lines, NUGC (gastric adenocarcinoma) and HONE-1 (nasopharyngeal carcinoma).
6R, 7R, 8R)-8-chlorogoniodiol was reported to possess specific cytotoxicity on the HONE-1 cancer cell line and relatively lower anti-proliferation effect on NUGC (Lan et al.
N and D Inter-County Foursomes Preliminary Round (Warkworth), 26 NUGC v NJGA (Newcastle United); April 1-2 N and D Inter-County Foursomes (Alnwick and Warkworth), 8 North and South Trophy (Dunstanburgh Castle), 22 N and D Inter-County Foursomes Finals (Tynemouth), 30 Northumberland v Lothians (City of Newcastle).