NUGSNational Union of Ghana Students
NUGSNon-Utility Generation Sector (energy statistic)
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The leaders of the factions claimed legitimacy to steer the affairs of the union, based on their political leanings as executives of successive administrations of NUGS and are polarised on political lines.
Halloween marked the first time the BOCC handled a Phish webcast; since it was the inaugural 4K show, the team at decided to bring in the extra help and monitoring. works with dozens of bands these days, but Serling started the site as a way of sharing digital versions of the shows he and his network of tapers had recorded.
Phish went on hiatus not long after, and when they came back on New Year's Eve of 2002, "that's when became a business out of what I was doing just for fun," Serling says. started as a download business but has since branched out to provide live audio and video streaming, and regularly pursues innovative approaches.
The cogeneration aspect of the much-publicized project was ruled out by Hydro last February when a total of 40 NUG proposals were turned down.
Although NUGs perform functions similar to utilities (that is, power generation), FASB Statement no.
The EITF reached a consensus that a NUG should recognize revenue based on the lesser of amounts billable under the contract or the amount determined by the kwhs made available during the period times the estimated average revenue per kwh over the term of the contract.
"All of the NUGs coming on line are in competition with other utility (Hydro) generation sources.
Northern Development and Mines Minister Shelley Martel agrees that non-utility generation (NUG) could be a boon to the economy of Northern Ontario, but she argues that the timing is not right.
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