NUHWNational Union of Healthcare Workers (aka National Union of Health Workers)
NUHWNational Union of Health Workers (aka National Union of Healthcare Workers)
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UHW began the long decertification process under the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) and in the process began organizing to build NUHW. Without access to offices, computers, an organizing budget or paid staff, NUHW set out to build, or as Winslow argues, "rebuild the union" in the workplace, "by denying SEIU the right to represent Kaiser workers." (67) NUHW also began the process of organizing non-unionized home healthcare workers in Fresno, California, but found it difficult to compete with the SEIU'S army of staff members and $10 million organizing budget.
Winslow and his daughter Samantha, an organizer for UHW from 2004 to 2009 and a founding member of NUHW (122), are actively involved in the NUHW struggle against SEIU and the narrative, at times, reflects Winslow's frustration.
Unionization of the industry by social justice oriented unions like NUHW can ensure that both workers' and patients' rights are protected.