NUHWNational Union of Healthcare Workers (aka National Union of Health Workers)
NUHWNational Union of Health Workers (aka National Union of Healthcare Workers)
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This tentative agreement reflects that after prolonged negotiations with NUHW we have been able to work through our disagreements, and ultimately agree on common goals that are in the best interests of our members, employees and our entire organization.
In late December, Kaiser gave its "last, best, and final" offer to Kaiser workers who are members of NUHW in Northern California, with smaller raises, big increases in healthcare co-pays, no defined-benefit pensions for new hires, large new costs for retiree healthcare and no retiree healthcare for new spouses and new hires, and layoffs with just a two-week notice.
In Labor's Civil War in California: The NUHW Healthcare Workers' Rebellion historian Cal Winslow recounts such a story--the tragic destruction of United Healthcare Workers-West (UHW) by the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and the struggle to rebuild the union as the National Union of Healthcare Workers (NUHW).
The supposed incidents never happened, not one, and now after years of wild and defamatory public charges we find out what we knew all along - NUHW didn't have a shred of evidence to support a single allegation.
With soaring profits and a $30 billion reserve, Kaiser needs to step up and lead the way in finally making mental health care a priority in this country," said NUHW President Sal Rosselli.
Immediately, IAM and NUHW will begin working together to organize the unorganized, and each union will provide mutual support in collective bargaining and in other areas.
The NUHW deal is the first major contract NUHW has been able to negotiate in nearly three years and abandons many of the standards workers have fought hard to win over the years.
The leaders of NUHW continue to play fast and loose with union money, hiding financial information from members," said Jerome Scott, a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist at Kaiser Corona Medical Offices whose is represented at Kaiser by NUHW.
Last year, a federal judge found SEIU-UHW guilty of making similar threats and misrepresentations in its campaign against NUHW in a separate 2010 statewide election for 45,000 Kaiser Permanente workers.
But now NUHW is seeking to delay a new election despite asking for it.
A recently disclosed financial statement reveals that in 2010, CNA loaned NUHW $2 million.
The vote was 119 for SEIU-UHW to 98 for NUHW, with 5 voting no union.