NUISNational Urban Information System (India)
NUISNational Union of Israeli Students
NUISNavy Unit Identification System
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In addition, the fourth cohort of Newcastle University students have just graduated from NUIS.
Net unearned income (NUI) is the portion of a child's UI taxed at his or her parents' marginal rate; in 2005, it is typically UI in excess of $1,600 ($800 standard deduction + $800 statutory amount); see Secs.
X's taxable income is $14,200 ($15,000-$800 standard deduction) and $13,400 NUI ($15,000-$1,600).
The $8,040 NUI interest income is taxed at X's parents' 33% ordinary rate; the $5,360 NUI qualified dividends are taxed at their 15% preferential rate.
Each child has $9,200 taxable income ($10,000-$800 standard deduction) and $8,400 of NUI ($10,000-$1,600).