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The Third Annual Working Meeting of Librarians Cataloguing Music was organized at the National Union Catalogue Centre (NUKAT) in Warsaw on 25 May 2009.
[13] Each chapter is divided into sections (fus[bar{u}]l), and each section follows a tripartite arrangement, consisting of definitions of the subject (hud[bar{u}]d), sayings of the Prophet and Companions (akhb[bar{a}]r, [bar{a}]th[bar{a}]r) followed by illustrative moral anecdotes ([maw[bar{a}].sup.[subset]]iz, nukat, ish[bar{a}]r[bar{a}]t, hik[bar{a}]y[bar{a}]t).
On 22 February 2007, a Working Meeting of librarians cataloguing music in National Union Catalogue (NUKAT) was organized at the NUKAT Centre in Warsaw.
In order to fathom |the Miftah's~ organization (hall tarakibihi) and reveal the fine points of its style (nukat asalibihi) they made use of commentaries most of which were overly antagonistic (juruh) and even best of them was open to challenge (madkhul) and heavily criticized (majruh).(27)