NUMASTNational Union of Marine, Aviation and Shipping Transport Officers (UK)
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A spokesman for NUMAST said the request for more money reflected the changed status of the ships since guns were fitted to protect their nuclear load.
NUMAST carried out investigations at 16 ports across the UK
Ballot papers are being sent out this week by the officers' union NUMAST.
Emergency talks were being held between CalMac and the officers' union NUMAST yesterday in the dispute over a 2.
Andrew Linington, a spokesman for the maritime union NUMAST, blamed cutbacks in crew numbers.
Peter McEwen, deputy general secretary of the ships officers' union NUMAST, said: "The appalling treatment of seafarers appears to be on the increase because of poor trading conditions in certain sectors of the industry.
Members of seafaring unions the RMT and NUMAST travelled to the Anglesey port yesterday for a 35-minute rally staged just a few hundred yards from the stranded Ulysses - the world' biggest car carrying ferry.
Ronnie Cunningham, NUMAST national secretary, said: ``We want to see what kind of financial help could be available from grant-giving institutions.
If he had risen to general secretary of the ship officers'' union NUMAST, he might have commanded pounds 80,000 a year.
Maritime union NUMAST delegate Laurie Attwood's call for the Health and Safety Executive to probe safety was passed.
Ronnie Cunningham, NUMAST national secretary, said: ``We will be meeting the company as a matter of urgency to discuss the situation.
Ships officers' union NUMAST said the Government must enforce the law of the sea.