NUMASTNational Union of Marine, Aviation and Shipping Transport Officers (UK)
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Numast spokesman Andrew Linnington said: "We are urging the war zone declaration and we are urging the UK Government to do something.
The British shipping union NUMAST has advised ships using the waterway to consider travelling in convoy.
The officers, who are part of the Numast union, are threatening to take action on P&O Ferries' Irish Sea, North Sea and Scottish services.
The industrial officer of the National Union of Marine Aviation Shipping and Transport (NUMAST) wrote to the ships' operators last month requesting the pay increases for an estimated 50 NUMAST crew members due to travel on the two ships, which are expected to leave Barrow in northwest England for Japan next week.
The derelict Andrew Gibson House in Egremont had become a target for vandals as the owners, Numast, struggled to find a use for the building.
Another local charity to benefit is the Mariners Park in Wallasey, run by NUMAST Welfare Funds, and which many of your readers will know.
Last night the maritime union Numast said 'Russian roulette' was being played with shipping safety in the Channel.
Numast's call follows the grenade and machine gun assault on cruise liner Seabourn Spirit 100 miles off coast of East Africa.
At the time ships' officers' union Numast said it was "a bad day for British shipping", while P&O chief executive Robert Woods said he "greatly regretted" the job losses but was determined to see a major improvement in profits.
Paul Moloney, senior national secretary for the ships' masters' union Numast, said: 'This is a bad day for British shipping and British seafarers and we believe it is time for the company to consider whether it is serious about staying in shipping.
The report was compiled by NUMAST, the National Union of Marine Aviation and Shipping Transport Officers.
Andrew Linington, of the ship officers' union, NUMAST said: "Lives are being put at risk.