NUMBANational United Merchants Beverage Association (Mckeesport, PA)
NUMBANude Underwater Mountain Biking Association
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He called on Kenyans to present their views on the proposed controversial Huduma Numba Bill, which has been described as an affront to constitutional liberties.
I had a glass of bubbly or two at the private viewing of the new collection and a talk from Numba, AKA @ stylemeflawless.
Get over to South Africa and book an appointment with Dr M K Numba (confidentiality guaranteed).
My Native family name is Koska Numba (Two Young Men).
When I got through to her that I was on my way to "Chosen," she moaned, rung out her hands, and cried "Chosen numba ten!" She seemed terribly concerned about my welfare, or possibly she was upset at the loss of the piddling salary I had been paying her for her work.
Music producer Joe Theron was bought in to record this, the CD, which features artists such as Hugh Masekela, Don Laka, McCoy Mrubata and Numba Numba.
"Zulkeflee" appears in various alternative forms, such as "Zolkeeflee," "Zolkeflee," "Zolkiflee," and "Zulkifli." The application for probate by his widow, Hajjah Kasmah binti Abdullah, reveals that he was a convert to Islam, originally known as Numba bin Elai (PBI 20.10.2004: 3a #2).
My mother couldn't pronounce The "r." She dubbed me "Numba one female offshoot" for brevity: henceforth, she will live and die in sublime ignorance, flanked by loving children and the "kitchen deity." The poet's experience may be undeniably authentic, but the poem itself stumbles into a campy spiel, one that permits its reader to snicker at the stereotype while grasping at the irony that the speaker was named after one of America's shallowly revered icons.
The songs in this program include Handlandia, I Love to Sign, Hands Dance, Look in a Book, Confidence, Numba Rhumba, Friends Make the World Go 'Round, and Human Rainbow.
and further states that there is no real evidence for considering Numba and Yamutbal nomadic tribes.
He clarifies that the so-called "Nubians" are not those of the Numba Mountains in the heart of present day Sudan, but are the descendants of the mercenaries brought in by the British administration in the 1890s.
A tsagi numba or totemic specialist has studied the esoterica of totemism in a lengthy and arduous apprenticeship under the tutelage of a clan elder.[15] In return for their instruction, ritual teachers receive food, canoes, garden produce, sago and often a large domestic house.