NUMCNew Ulm Medical Center (Minnesota)
NUMCNashville United Methodist Church (various locations)
NUMCNorthbrook United Methodist Church
NUMCNiagara United Mennonite Church (Canada)
NUMCNormandy United Methodist Church (Dayton, OH)
NUMCNassau University Medical Center
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1], numero de frutos comerciais (NUMC) e totais (NUMT), submetidos a diferentes niveis de salinidade do solo e tipos de manejo de fertirrigacao Estatistica F Fontes de variacao PRODT PRODC NUMT NUMC --Salinidade (S) 0,14 ** 0,34 ** 1,08 ns 20,24 ** Linear 0,64 ** 1,61 ** 1,30 ns 95,69 ** Quadratica 0,07 ns 3,09 ns 0,31 ns 0,02 ns --Manejo (M) 0,17 ** 0,78 ** 0,20 ns 47,40 ** (S) x (M) 0,09 ** 0,20 ** 1,81 ns 10,94 ** CV (%) 22,49 35,73 23,76 40,63 Manejos M1 8,4b 2,2b 23,27a 3,35b M2 11,0a 5,9a 22,56a 7,89a * e ** significativo a 5% e a 1% de probabilidade, respectivamente.
The choice of Eclipsys' SunriseXA advanced clinical solution and wireless technology was the result of an extensive evaluation process conducted by NUMC.
The NUMC case management model integrates quality clinical services with fiscal responsibility.
This comprehensive, inter-relational methodology and approach has been at the foundation of NUMC services since its inception in 1982, and is recognized throughout the industry as NUMC's corporate "style" and hands on commitment to value and quality.
During August 1995, USA affiliated and URAC accredited NUMC, took over the state's utilization review and case management services; allowing USA to custom-implement internal gatekeeping through NUMC's staff of RN/BSN Certified Case Managers and Physician Advisors.