NUMCNassau University Medical Center
NUMCNorth United Methodist Church (various locations)
NUMCNew Ulm Medical Center (Minnesota)
NUMCNorthwoods United Methodist Church (various locations)
NUMCNihon University Mandolin Club (Nihon University; Japan)
NUMCNashville United Methodist Church (various locations)
NUMCNorthbrook United Methodist Church
NUMCNiagara United Mennonite Church (Canada)
NUMCNormandy United Methodist Church (Dayton, OH)
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At first, the new life style had been restricted to NUMC only, but with the expansion of liberalized media technologies NUMC consumerism patterns seems to be invading rather rural families and wider social strata rapidly.
Em relacao a quantificacao da precisao do experimento, observa-se uma variacao relativa (CV) classificada media, para producao total (PRODT), producao comercial (PRODC), numero de frutos totais (NUMT) e muito alta para numero de frutos comerciais (NUMC) (Lima et.
Na Tabela 3 se encontram as medias referentes a interacao entre os fatores salinidade do solo e manejo de fertirrigacao, evidenciando diferencas significativas tanto entre os niveis de salinidade do solo quanto entre tipo de manejo de fertirrigacao para as variaveis PRODT, PRODC e NUMC. O manejo de fertirrigacao M2 obteve as maiores medias principalmente quando associado com os niveis mais baixos de salinidade e o nivel de salinidade S6 obteve as menores medias no geral.
Resumo da analise de variancia para a variavel producao total (PRODT) e comercial (PRODC) ambas em Mg [ha.sup.-1], numero de frutos comerciais (NUMC) e totais (NUMT), submetidos a diferentes niveis de salinidade do solo e tipos de manejo de fertirrigacao Estatistica F Fontes de variacao PRODT PRODC NUMT NUMC --Salinidade (S) 0,14 ** 0,34 ** 1,08 ns 20,24 ** Linear 0,64 ** 1,61 ** 1,30 ns 95,69 ** Quadratica 0,07 ns 3,09 ns 0,31 ns 0,02 ns --Manejo (M) 0,17 ** 0,78 ** 0,20 ns 47,40 ** (S) x (M) 0,09 ** 0,20 ** 1,81 ns 10,94 ** CV (%) 22,49 35,73 23,76 40,63 Manejos M1 8,4b 2,2b 23,27a 3,35b M2 11,0a 5,9a 22,56a 7,89a * e ** significativo a 5% e a 1% de probabilidade, respectivamente.
NUMC represents 35 lenders distributing mortgages through more than 7,000 intermediaries, and brokered some GBP8bn of mortgage applications in 2003.
NUMC is partnering with them to provide an entire management infrastructure to comprehensively address the lack of appropriate management that had been in place.
We are finalizing the statement of work Northwell will do for NUMC and [then] go to the New York State Department of Health [Mack] comes with a chief operating officer, chief medical officer, and a contingent of financial staff, revenue cycle, IT the intellectual resources that are necessary to create a first rate hospital.
I want Northwell to create a Nassau plan and do the same for NUMC.
Practically every patient that we see we lose money on, but our role is so important that we absolutely must keep NUMC open.
The statement of works has quantifiable metrics in them that Northwell believes NUMC can achieve.
Located within a low-rise section of NUMC's Dynamic Care Building, the Health Sciences Library is one of the largest on Long Island.
"NUMC undertook the renovation in order to bring the library, originally constructed in the 1960s, to current technological and interior design standards," explained EGA partner Lou Giacalone.