NUMECNuclear Materials and Equipment Corporation
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(NUMEC's parent for part of the time the plants operated) and Babcock & Wilcox, for scores of nearby residents who claimed they developed cancer.
The site received the waste from about 1960 to the early 1970s from nuclear-fuels processing plants in Apollo and Parks that were operated by NUMEC and its successor, Atlantic Richfield Co.
Grant Smith, the director of IRmep, told The Daily Star that the report would include a broad range of newly declassified and un-redacted government documents from various agencies -- including the Department of Energy, Atomic Energy Commission, FBI and CIA -- that prove that nuclear material was diverted from Numec to Israel.
When contacted by The Daily Star, Zalman Shapiro, the founder and former president of the Numec, strongly denied that any diversion of materials to Israel had ever taken place at the plant.
The DOE reported in 2001 that 269 kilograms of highly enriched uranium went missing from the Numec plant during the course of its operations under Shapiro's management from 1957 to 1968.
In the early 1960s, the Atomic Energy Commission, according to the GAO report, began documenting suspicious lapses in NUMEC's security, inexplicably lax record-keeping and the ongoing presence of large numbers of Israelis at the plant.
Senate" where, for example, Senator Arlen Specter had tried but failed, to clear Zalman Shapiro, a former head of NUMEC.
The missing uranium was lost during the normal operations of the NUMEC plant--into its concrete floor, stuck to ventilation ducts, flushed into the local waterways and air.
(NUMEC) in Apollo and Parks, which produced nuclear fuel for submarines and a range of nuclear products for the government and private industry.
Without Israeli government-sponsored spying, how many we suppose that nuclear material was smuggled out of the NUMEC plant in Apollo, Pennsylvania, in 1965 and transported to Israel to assist in the country's manufacture of nuclear weapons?
(NUMEC) in Apollo and Parks, and its successor, the Atlantic Richfield Co., buried the waste from producing nuclear fuel for submarines and a range of nuclear products for the federal government and private industry.
However, NUMEC reportedly discarded a variety of radiologically contaminated scrap, involving enrichments of uranium, plutonium, thorium and various chemicals.