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NUMIDENTNumerical Identification File (Social Security Administration)
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Numident records, however, any other group of requests necessarily is
SS-5 and Numident records for deceased individuals requested by the
Individuals looldng for SS-5 forms and Numident records submit a simple,
for records other than a photocopy of an SS-5 or a Numident, [to] please
duplication, or review." (329) But for SS-5 and Numident records,
Of these, 3,246 (91%) were eligible to be linked, and 3,165 (98%) of these were successfully linked to Numident. There were an additional 7,658 participants who provided neither SSN nor HIC number.
The Medicare probe question was evaluated among the 5,271 persons aged 65 or older who had been linked to Numident. Medicare coverage was reported for 89% of persons on the NHIS choose-all-that-apply question, increasing to 96% with the addition of the probe question.
Only 56 percent of the NHIS records in this analysis file were eligible for linkage and only 47 percent were able to be linked to the Numident file.
In May 1997, HCFA again undertook a NUMIDENT update, targeting all beneficiaries added to the EDB since the 1994 update.
These comparisons show accuracy just prior to the second NUMIDENT update.
After the second NUMIDENT update, there were significant improvements in several categories.
We found that the additional categories added to the EDB in 1994, plus the 1994 and 1997 efforts to update the EDB with NUMIDENT and other data, reduced the percentages of beneficiaries classified as other or unknown in the EDB, and increased its overall accuracy.