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NUMPNational Utilities Management Program (US General Services Administration)
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The extent of 144 ha (1200 x 1200 m) seems as an effective size for modeling the landscape metrics including the NUMP, SDI, ED and PR by the features of ASTER bands.
By contrast, if the head of the NumP is the numeral and the NP is the subordinate element, the NP (or its head) assumes the non-nominative case governed by numerals.
Li (1998) claims that NumPs differ from individual-denoting nominals in that no DP is projected and that NumP is projected somewhere above NP.
MBA is married but available, SPARK is single parent raising kid, while NUMP is no ugly men please."
Artists so far confirmed include Keak Da Sneak, Turf Talk, Nump and Tony Vegas.
Cinque 1994; Picallo 1991), the head noun moves (as depicted by the X in [17]) from N to the head of number phrase (NumP), where number features are checked.
Most if not all of these morphemes may be associated with functional projections: DP, NumP, AspP, etc.
At least one marked personal allusion in Bartholomew Fair is borrowed from Nashe's dedicatory epistle addressed to "his worthies good patron, Lustie Humfrey, according as the townsmen doo christen him, little Numps" in Lenten Stuffe (3.147).