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NUMPNational Utilities Management Program (US General Services Administration)
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All regression models predicting the landscape metrics except the NUMP contained one independent variable, might indicate the existence of high correlation between some independent variables of the A group.
Only one model predicting the NUMP contained the GLCM-Homogeneity derived from the red band (GHOB2) as an explanatory variable.
Yapese e Tagalog); em termos sintaticos, a projecao NumP permitiria explicar diferentes relacoes de ordem entre o adjetivo e o nome no DP (Cinque, 1994); em termos semanticos, a presenca de NumP estaria relacionada a distincoes entre nomes massivos e nomes contaveis (Vangsnes, 2001; Borer, 2005).
By contrast, if the head of the NumP is the numeral and the NP is the subordinate element, the NP (or its head) assumes the non-nominative case governed by numerals.
15) If the NumP is in a case other than nominative or accusative, its structure parallels that of ordinary adjectival phrases with all numbers, i.
The IMN san ge xue tiyu de xuesheng 'three students who study physical training', as a NumP, occurs as a preverbal subject and the sentence is fine.
Li (1998) claims that NumPs differ from individual-denoting nominals in that no DP is projected and that NumP is projected somewhere above NP.
Artists so far confirmed include Keak Da Sneak, Turf Talk, Nump and Tony Vegas.
Most if not all of these morphemes may be associated with functional projections: DP, NumP, AspP, etc.
ORIGIN 1990s: from obsolete numps, 'a stupid person,' of unknown origin.