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NUNCNottingham University Ningbo China
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They make a perfect end for each of the "hours" they grace: the Benedictus in the morning at lauds; the Magnificat in the evening at vespers; the Nunc Dimittus or Canticle of Simeon as the last hour of prayer at night, or compline.
Thermo Fisher Scientific's Universal Latch Rack can be used with its 2 and 5 mL Nunc Cryobank tubes, as well as most standard Nunc and Nalgene cryogenic tubes.
announced its new Thermo Scientific Universal Latch Rack for use with 2 mL and 5 mL Thermo Scientific Nunc Cryobank tubes as well as most standard Thermo Scientific Nunc and Nalgene cryogenic tubes.
Incorporating a new plastic rack design that is reusable, collapsible, and recyclable, the 15-mL and 50-mL Nunc conical centrifuge tubes are offered with an environmentally friendly, space-saving storage solution.
Cras mollis mauris vulputate nunc vulputate ut tristique mauris sodales.
eenkant bly staan sonder engele in my boeie hic et nunc,
Thermo Fisher Scientific's Nalge Nunc International subsidiary has exclusively distributed the product since last year.
Favourites include Nunc Hic Aut Numquam (It's Now Or Never) and Tenere Me Suaviter (Love Me Tender).
* Use of the phrase "nunc pro tunc" on the face of a return has no legal effect.
He also said that a neutral term for the conflict was the "Civil War." It is a neutral term, but it isn't accurate; a civil war is, by definition, a war between two factions to control one government; of the federal government, the Confederacy sought, not control, but only nunc dimittis--to depart in peace.
Mary's great song of praise, the Magnificat, is one, together with Zacharias's song of praise, the Benedictus, and the Song of Simeon, the Nunc Dimitis.
Quality lab ware manufacturer, Nalge Nunc International, found a way to reduce product and overall system costs in their latest line of disposable flasks.