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NUNSNezavisno Udruzenje Novinara Srbije (Serbian: Independent Association of Journalists of Serbia; Belgrade, Serbia)
NUNSNational Union of Nigerian Students (activist group)
NUNSNew UN (United Nations) Spacy (gaming)
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Whether the nuns of yore, being of a submissive rather than a stiff-necked generation, habitually bent their contemplative heads to avoid collision with the beams in the low ceilings of the many chambers of their House; whether they sat in its long low windows telling their beads for their mortification, instead of making necklaces of them for their adornment; whether they were ever walled up alive in odd angles and jutting gables of the building for having some ineradicable leaven of busy mother Nature in them which has kept the fermenting world alive ever since; these may be matters of interest to its haunting ghosts (if any), but constitute no item in Miss Twinkleton's half-yearly accounts.
The pet pupil of the Nuns' House is Miss Rosa Bud, of course called Rosebud; wonderfully pretty, wonderfully childish, wonderfully whimsical.
The Nuns' House is never in such a state of flutter as when this allotted husband calls to see little Rosebud.
And soon the young couple go out of the Nuns' House, taking all precautions against the discovery of the so vitally defective boots of Mr.
They go arm-in-arm now, gravely and deliberately enough, along the old High-street, to the Nuns' House.
I am a nun from the Spinning Convent,[10] and my mother when she died left me this apple.
She made the youth rise, embraced him, and said, 'Know, my son, that it is I who sent the nun to your mother and caused you to be born, and with you the horse, with whose help you will be able to free the world from the monster.
"You--you a nun!" he exclaimed; "you with your beauty defaced--you behind locks and bars!
After several minutes had elapsed, she heard footsteps, the door was half opened and a nun appeared.
I have seen her since several times, but our intercourse is, at any rate on her side, as of a frozen nun with some great lady.
"Two months back there was an attempt to transfer us to various parts of the nation and to isolate the complainant nun. Taking into consideration these situations, we want the charge sheet (to be filed) as soon as possible and to ensure the safety of witnesses," the nuns wrote in their letter.
Sister Anupama along with three other nuns, who have been the biggest moral support to the victim and to the key witness, on Saturday told journalists that the Kottayam Superintendent of Police had assured them that the charge sheet would be submitted next week.