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NUNYANone Ya Damn Business
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He has also taught me a personal mantra when I start worrying about what they think or feel about me, and that is "nunya."
Before MacDill became a Wings & Things SOCOM Superstore, when a few peeling, faded signs still read simply "MacDill Field," nameless guys in a business they jokingly called "Nunya," as in Nunya Bidness, could touch down, be de-briefed and slide out unnoticed.
'14, Gregory Pappas '14, Jackson Ennis '16, James O'Connell '14, James Sullivan '14, John Goggins '14, Kyle Lewandowski '15, Liam Ryder '17, Luke Lauring '15, Luke Lavelle '16, Mark Perley '15, Matthew Freije '15, Nunya Gozey '15, Ronald Pena '17, Ross Ojerholm '14, Samuel Thoreen '17, Shedricke Mulbah '17, Timothy Deedy '14