NUOPCNational Unified Operational Prediction Capability (weather modeling)
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Under NUOPC guidance, the operational agencies have adopted a common set of metrics for evaluation of global atmospheric models and ensembles.
The authors wish to thank all the government and academic members of the ESPC and NUOPC committees who have devoted their valuable time to enhancing collaboration among the U.S.
NUOPC created the CMA committee in 2008 to develop a common architecture to accelerate transition of R2O and to encourage use of operational codes in research.
The CSC addresses coupling of system components (atmosphere, ocean, land, etc.), including developing and maintaining a standard NUOPC coupling interface.
* to share expertise implementing the NUOPC Layer and other community conventions in CESM, GEOS-5, NEMS, the U.S.
* to unify the NASA MAPL system and NUOPC Layer standards; and
All of the generic NUOPC components carry standard metadata that describe how to operate them.
While use of the NUOPC Layer cannot guarantee scientific compatibility (see sidebar "Limits of Component Interoperability"), it does guarantee a set of component behaviors related to technical interoperability.
One standard phase advertises the fields a model or mediator can provide, using standard names that are checked for validity against a NUOPC Field Dictionary.
These constraints, involving build dependencies, initialization sequencing, and run sequencing, are the focus of the NUOPC Layer because they are required to satisfy the definition of effective interoperability.
With a few exceptions, the NUOPC Layer API has been stable and backward compatible since the ESMF, version 6.2.0, release in May 2013.
The NUOPC version of CESM, still largely unoptimized, shows less than a 5% overhead when compared to the native CESM implementation.