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NUPENational Union of Public Employees (UK)
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For example, there were evidence of inter-group relations involving the Hausa, Fulani, Nupe and northern Yoruba in the savannah.
Regarding nitrogen application methods higher NUpE was recorded for split doses (0.49) as compared to full doses (0.43).
Just before the frictions triggered by the introduction of Christianity fizzled out, Islam emerged as yet a new religion in the Igbo horizon when the village of Amufie in Enugu Ezike in the old Nsukka Division in northern Igboland adopted a Muslim of Nupe origin known as Ibrahim Aduku.
If the pro-colonial aggression of Nupe people led to the resettlement of Yagba people from their original location to inaccessible mountain-top settlements, A.
The Kanuri in Diaspora: the contributions of the Ulama of Kanem- Borno to Islamic education in Nupe and Yoruba lands.
Ethnic groups such as the Fulani, Hausa, Yoruba and Igbo make up 68% of the population while groups including the Kanuri, Ijaw, Edo, Ibibio, Ebira, Tiv and Nupe make up about 27% of the population.
By virtue of his position, he became a member of the fledgling National Union of Public Employees (NUPE).
It is known as Drumstick in English, Zogallagandi in Hausa, Zogali in Nupe, Okwe oyibo in Igbo, Ewe igbale in Yoruba (Mann, 2003; Keay et al., 1964).
So the man who had been a trade-union official since the age of 20, first with Nupe then with Unison, teamed up with other union workers, and sometimes even with employers' representatives, to take a share in horses run by Vintage Racing with Michael Bell and Mikey Heaton-Ellis.
She also receives a great honour from the Nupe people, the area's main tribe.