NUPPNuclear and Particle Physics Group (Australia Insitute of Physics)
NUPPNairobi Urban Poverty Partnership (Nairobi, Kenya)
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The study area was characterized by flat topography and land use dominated by agriculture (>80% of land cover; Nupp and Swihart, 2000; Gehring and Swihart, 2003).
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Nowak Palmyra, NY Alice Nowark Syracuse, NY Karen Fain Nowlan Fairport, NY Nancy Noxon Rochester, NY Maureen Nupp Fairport, NY Brighid O'Brien Clinton, NY Gertrude O'Brien Ithaca, NY Rev.
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In passing these resolutions unanimously, Maureen Nupp, board president, said, "It's unfortunate that we're pushed to extremes to bring equity to our children, but these are unprecedented times and they call for unprecedented actions."
Groomsmen were Joshua Nupp of New Hampshire; Brandon Johnson and Kris Thompson of North Carolina; and Joshua Bertsch of South Dakota.
Please Read: This table reports energy input at electric utilities and does not include data on nonutility power producers (NUPP).
In illustrating the substantial rates of seed predation caused by Peromyscus leucopus on some species (e.g., Lonicera maackii), our results suggest that ecological factors that affect the abundance of rodents (e.g., mesopredator release, Crooks and Soule, 1999), habitat fragmentation (Nupp and Swihart, 2000) and species invasion (Didham et al., 2007; Theoharides and Dukes, 2007) may also have implications for changes in the nature and strength of seed predation and indirect effects.
Retail sales include electricity that the utilities purchased from nonutility power producers (NUPP) for resale to the end-use sectors.
So why not make a No Unnecessary Present Pact (NUPP) with friends or perhaps agree to a Secret Santa or a pounds 5-pounds 10 cap on gifts?