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NURBNonuniform Rational B-Splines
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5 illustrates the geometry of the model obtained by second order NURBS functions and the associated curvilinear parameter space.
Rogers, An Introduction to NURBS, Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, London, 2001.
In future, authors propose to investigate NURBS surfaces by the presented method; authors plan to extend proposed method to work with more advanced focusing methodologies starting with classical total focusing method [14] and its variants.
A brief review of B-splines and the basics of NURBS is given in Section 2 together with the isogeometric discretization of the biharmonic model problem.
Based on the analysis of constraints for underwater Robot and the basic fluid mechanics, the resistance of underwater Robot is determined, the filter functions are smoothed, and underwater Robot path is controlled by using NURBS curve fitting method
In the next section, we would use this matrix to compute the control points and weights for NURBS pathway fitting.
In this routine the Lagrange form functions with the nonrational B-Spline uniform function (NURBS) is replaced.
[6] presented a real-time interpolation algorithm for NURBS curves; the proposed interpolator can maintain small contour errors and feed rate fluctuations.