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NURBNonuniform Rational B-Splines
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Isogeometric finite elements are mainly based on NURBS functions to represent the geometry and the shape as functions.
This translation can be achieved by direct manipulation [2, 18] of the NURBS curve.
CAD models are usually organized in Breps of NURBS primitives such as NURBS curves or surfaces.
To model the Gaussian rough surface with the NURBS surface, the plane surface (z = 0) related to the rough surface is firstly modeled by the NURBS surface (see Figure 2).
En la siguiente seccion, se explican las NURBS de forma detallada, haciendo enfasis en los puntos de control.
The definition of the NURBS curve (1) can be rewritten using rational basis functions [R.
Debido a que muchos objetos del mundo real han sido construidos usando superficies algebraicas simples y de forma libre, la representacion mediante NURBS aparece como un procedimiento universal para el ajuste de superficies en la ingenieria inversa.
The NURBS surface fitting depends on the values of knots, weights and control points.
FreeDimension is based on the patent-pending N-Sided Surfacing (NSS) technology, which frees users from quadrilateral surfacing technologies like NURBS and Bezier surfaces.
Advanced machines include 5-axis machining, high-speed spindles, NURBS interpolation, linear motor drive systems, and the latest developments in tooling.
The evaluation version of the Rhino software, which supports polygon meshes and point clouds, will enable Platinum, Titanium, Gold, Silver, and Bronze FaroArm users to create, edit, analyze, and translate NURBS curves, surfaces, and solids in Windows.