NURCNational Undersea Research Center (US NOAA)
NURCNational Unity and Reconciliation Commission (Rwanda)
NURCNational Underwater Robotics Challenge (est. 2007)
NURCNon-Unit-Related Cargo (US DoD)
NURCNational Undergraduate Research Clearinghouse
NURCNATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) Undersea Research Centre (La Spezia, Italy)
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The NURC report aligns itself with both a humanist pedagogy and an ethical philosophy that are simple and moving.
The work of the NURC which is to "prepare and coordinate the national programme for the promotion of national unity and reconciliation" through education, research, publications, and community dialogue (IJR 2005:5) has been the object of much criticism.
317) The NURC reported that fifty-eight percent of women report that they have already "suffered too much to be interested in gacaca.
From the time of its inception in 1999, the NURC paid particular attention to issues pertaining to Rwandans, the civil society, efforts to bring Rwandans of all walks of life together and the challenges posed by the prevailing poverty in the country.
Additionally, NURC has become a permanent national institution, working with communities to aid in reconciliation and restoration.
El marco teorico y la metodologia que dominaron el estudio de la NURC fueron los de la sociolinguistica de las decadas de 1970 y de 1980, inspirada sobre todo en el trabajo de William Labov y sus colaboradores.
He inspired Brazilian linguists to work in a similar project, locally known as the NURC project, which commenced in 1969.
The staff and scientist of the NURC at Key Largo greatly facilitated our collections there.
The NURC staff in Florida (Steven Miller, Catherine Liipfert, Tom Potts, and Dave Ward) were exceptionally helpful in expediting our investigations.
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7) It is worth stressing that Abaurre and Pagotto (2002), when analyzing the variation of alveolar stops followed by /i/ in NURC data, minutely controlled internal factors; however, the results showed no statistic relevance.
We are involved in collaborative research with NURC, NMFS, and others studying the relative impact on groundfish stocks of juvenile habitat destruction versus fishing pressure.