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NURDNorthwestern University Radio Drama (Evanston, IL)
NURDNuernbergs Ultimatives Rollenspiel Desaster (German: Nuernberg Ultimate Roleplaying Game Disaster; fan convention)
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They pulled down approximately 100 proteins, including some members of the "NuRD repressor complex" that is known for tightly winding up sections of DNA in a way that turns off a variety of different genes.
The functional consequences of mutations in CHD4, which encodes the catalytic subunit of the NuRD chromatin-remodeling complex, remain to be elucidated; however, the designation of CHD4 as a significantly mutated gene in serous and serous-like tumors (15, 17, 18) and the presence of mutation hot spots within this gene strongly suggest it is likely to be a causal driver gene.
For example, PICKLE (PKL), a plant homologue of the animal chromatin remodeling factor CHROMODOMAIN/HELICASE/DNA-BINDING DOMAIN 3/Mi-2 (CHD3/Mi-2) which functions as a subunit of NUCLEOSOME REMODELING and DEACETYLASE (NuRD) repressive complex as well as PICKLE RELATED 2 (PKR2) have trithomx-like functions, while CURLY LEAF (CLF) which is known to mediate the Irimethylation of H3K27 is a polycomb group protein.
Keeping things quiet: Roles of NuRD and Sin3 co-repressor complexes during mammalian development.