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NURFNucleosome Remodeling Factor (genetics)
NURFNaruto Uzumaki Rendan Forum (fan discussion website)
NURFNutrient Reduction Facility (Lake County, Florida)
NURFNapa Utility Reference File
NURFNew User Request Form
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However, it is Nurfs father that Mona marries and soon a secret jealousy or his father builds up in the young boy, creating a rather uneasy relationship between all three--Mona, who is all too aware of what her presence does to the impressionable Nuri, his father who knows his son is fond of his wife, and Nuri, who keeps his secret guarded, or at least thinks he does until he is sent off to boarding school and confides in his room mate Alexei.
Matt Springall fired Oaks 3-2 in front, Craig West levelled matters but 'O's took the spoils with Ian Bown defeating Nurfs captain Daz Thorpe in the deciding frame.
Swoz Un Nurfs title chances took a knock when they were turned over by the Oaks.