NUSECNuclear Plant Service Engineering Co., Ltd. (Japan)
NUSECNational Union of Societies for Equal Citizenship (female union; UK)
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She tabled "off [her] own bat" a resolution at the NUSEC Annual Council Meeting in March 1931 on sterilisation because she felt "so strongly" about the issue (Hubback to Blacker, 11 February 1931).
The NUSEC went on to pass Hubback's resolution in 1931, the wording of which was copied from the Eugenics Society (Hubback to Blacker, 11 February 1931):
That the NUSEC holds that voluntary sterilisation if legalised and carefully safeguarded to prevent abuses could be usefully employed to reduce the incidence of grave hereditary defects seriously impairing physical and mental health and efficiency (NUSEC, 1931: 9; NUSEC, 1931-2: 64).
Members of the NUSEC also targeted the working classes in their campaign to make birth control available.
The only evidence of the NUSEC courting the Eugenics Society on this issue is an impersonalised invitation sent in 1928 to attend its informal group on birth control (Horton to Hodson, 29 November 1928), and it is quite possible that this was issued under the auspices of Hubback; her interest was eugenically motivated.
General and Parliamentary Secretary of the NUSEC to Hodson.