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NUTSNot Using the Steps (recovery programs slang)
NUTSNSW University Theatrical Society (Sydney, Australia)
NUTSNorthstate Unusual Treasure Seekers (geocachers, northern California)
NUTSNorwegian University of Technology and Science (also see NTNU)
NUTSNashoba United Team Soccer (Nashoba, Massachusetts)
NUTSNew Ulm Trebuchet Society (Minnesota)
NUTSNomenclature des Units Territoriales Statistiques
NUTSNuclear Utilization Targeting Strategy
NUTSName, Unexpected Outcomes, Tubes, Safety Scan (nursing)
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EVERY day they made several journeys and picked quantities of nuts. They carried them away in bags, and stored them in several hollow stumps near the tree where they had built their nest.
WHEN these stumps were full, they began to empty the bags into a hole high up a tree, that had belonged to a wood-pecker; the nuts rattled down--down-- down inside.
Here is a nut," said he, catching one down from an upper bough.
In the evening, when she had washed up and was ready, she felt in her pocket and found the three nuts which the old toad had given her.
When she had washed up the next evening she bit the second nut, and there was a still more beautiful dress inside.
And the Scarecrow found a tree full of nuts and filled Dorothy's basket with them, so that she would not be hungry for a long time.
Now, whether it was that they had eaten so many nuts that they could not walk, or whether they were lazy and would not, I do not know: however, they took it into their heads that it did not become them to go home on foot.
Tea was despatched rapidly, therefore, and the party gathered round the wide hearth in the dining-room, where the nuts were soon dancing gaily on hot shovels or bouncing out among the company, thereby causing delightful panics among the little ones.
One Saturday morning when he was about to set off for the woods with the sling in his pocket and a bag for nuts on his shoulder, his grandfather stopped him.
There is a nut abounding in the valley, called by the Typees 'armor', closely resembling our common horse-chestnut.
He discovered a coco-tree, beat down some of the fruit, broke them, and we drunk the milk and ate the nut with a satisfaction that protested against the ordinary food on the Nautilus.
This here one he's called Nut an' this here other one's called Shell."