NUYTNational Uniform Yield Trials
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Table-6: Yield performance of 6KCC-122 (Kg/ha) at different locations during 2010-11 in NUYT.
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(5) The provincial and federal research institutions submit their best advanced lines of wheat for testing the yield, quality, and disease adaptability, etc., through the National Uniform Yield Trial (NUYT) in different agro-ecological zones of the country as well as international testing for disease and yield.
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After testing in the National Uniform Yield Trial (NUYT) system in the country, PARSUN-I showed tremendous performance.
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He also claimed the local seed companies outperformed their foreign competitors in research and development especially in production of high yielding corn varieties."The local scientists of national companies associated with SAP emerged victorious by topping the National Uniform Yield Trials (NUYT) conducted by National Agriculture Research Council (NARC) for the last two years," he said, adding the trials were conducted in an impartial manner on ten different sites including lands of public sector research institutions, private local and multinational seed companies.
Candidate line of wheat 40, rice 16, maize 93, oilseed crops 80, pulses 64, sugarcane 12 and fodder 67 were tested in NUYT, he informed.
AaS-2011 was tested in national testing system through National Uniform Yield Trial (NUYT) consecu- tively for two years (2006-07 and 2007-08) across the country.
A high yielding variety Bhakkar-2002 was developed by this institute (Table 3) and one advanced strain of wheat TW0107 is being tested in the National Uniform Yield Trial (NUYT) (Table 4).