NVCDNight Vision Cueing and Display (Vision Systems International, LLC)
NVCDNon-Violent Civil Disobedience
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John Lemons and Donald Brown's calls to consider NVCD serve as an example.
(78) A handful of distinguished climate scientists, advocates, and activists now extol the potential of NVCD to change the nature of the game and its outcome.
Most prominently, the empire-breaking disobedience of Mohandas Gandhi and the transcendent movement led by Martin Luther King have advanced a sense of commitment to both the rightness of NVCD and its disproportionate strength in the face of much greater forces.
Most of the embrace and justification of protest and NVCD tactics appears to happen in hindsight.
Direct action and NVCD have occupied an important space in prior movements for transformative political, social, and, perhaps legal responses and likely does for the climate movement as well.
(7.) Lemons & Brown, supra note 5, at 3 (noting NVCD "spur urgently needed action").
(14.) I use "climate activists" to describe those who engage in protest and, perhaps, NVCD as part of their advocacy for climate-related political outcomes.
7, 2011), http://peoplesworld.org/hundreds-arrested-in-pro-environment-civil-disobedience (stating that 1,252 had been arrested and noting that the demonstration was the longest sustained NVCD action since the civil rights movement and the largest since 1977).