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NVDNational Vulnerability Database (National Institute of Standards and Technology)
NVDNormal Vaginal Delivery (pregnancy)
NVDNight Vision Device
NVDNational Vulnerability Database
NVDNo Value Declared (shipping)
NVDNausea, Vomiting, Diarrhea
NVDNorthern Virginia Daily (newspaper, Shenandoah Valley)
NVDNeutral Voltage Displacement
NVDNon-Vanishing Determinant
NVDNeovascularization of the Optic Disc (eye disorder)
NVDNorthern Valley Regional High School At Demarest
NVDNatural Vaginal Delivery
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The outcome of vaginal birth after caesarean (VBAC), repeat caesarean due to failed trial of labour and normal vaginal delivery (NVD) are compared for test of significance.
Because of LHD NATOPS restrictions, which require aircraft to land behind each other on the flight deck while using NVDs, the SAR aircraft would be the first one the Air Boss cleared to land.
Both the interventional groups and the control group received a training manual on the advantages of NVD and the non-pharmacologic methods of pain relief.
Another girl Alishaba D/o Moharam Faqeer age 3 A1/2 months from Chhachhro Town weighing 2.2 kg baby delivered by NVD at Home was admitted in gasping condition at the Civil Hospital Mithi on 20.02.2019 at 3:10pm with history of Fever, loose motion and difficulty in Breathing.
Visual monitoring occurred during some nighttime operations and was conducted with the naked eye and an NVD that provided 4x magnification and an approximate 40[grados] field of view.
Results: No significant difference could be observed in the mean of first and third labor stages in CA and NVD groups, but the difference was significant during the second stage in CA and NVD groups, respectively.
Indeed, the Fluo-AGE levels were significantly higher in VD group than in NVD group (p < 0.05).
According to 6Wresearch, India Night Vision Device (NVD) market is forecast to reach $215 million by 2022.
Variables Frequency Percentage * Previous pregnancy Yes 4 095 96.8 Amenorrhea Yes 760 18.2 Method of contraception None 818 19.5 Intrauterine device (IUD) 791 18.9 Others 2 586 61.6 Type of delivery Nulliparous or data missing 140 3.3 Cesarean section (C/S) 937 22.7 Normal vaginal delivery (NVD) 2 876 68.1 C/S and NVD 273 6.5 Menopause Yes 410 9.8 Currently breastfeeding Yes 610 14.4 Vaginal discharge Yes 1 611 39.2 Previous Pap smear Yes 1 105 26.3 Pap smear result Normal 1 067 97.4 Abnormal 29 2.7 Knowledge of Pap smear Yes 1 605 38.7 Cervicitis Yes 539 14.9 * Differences in number for each variable are due to loss of some demographic or reproductive data.
One of these strategies is promoting vaginal deliveries by making normal vaginal delivery (NVD) free of charge in public hospitals from the beginning of 2014 (8).
Finally the retina should be carefully examined to assess the extent, distribution and depth of the retinal haemorrhages, associated macular oedema and/or thickening, the presence or absence of new vessels on the disc (NVD) or new vessels elsewhere (NVE).