NVDSNational Virtual Data System (US NASA)
NVDSNorthern Virginia Dental Society (Annandale, VA)
NVDSNon-Volatile Data Storage (computer storage)
NVDSNon-Volatile Dry Solvent
NVDSNight Vision Device System
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Thus, when NVds < 2 SE-LUT requires a smaller amount of total time.
We also demonstrate the utility of using two common cetacean monitoring techniques (visual observations and PAM), document detection of dolphins during periods of darkness using a night vision device (NVD), and summarize mitigation and monitoring measures implemented during the course of the study.
NVDs enhance the threat's ability to see in low ambient light, and units are seen in the visible light portion of the EMS during daylight hours (see Figure 1).
Army application accounted for highest deployment of NVDs followed by air force and navy application.
We briefed that we would don NVDs and perform a Self-Contained Approach to the ship using the SH60B's APS-124 radar.
In some cases, NVDs or tubes still under warranty are being turned in for disposal.
Perinatal outcome was compared in normal vaginal delivery (NVD) and cesarean section (CS) groups.
Developed with the latest 'Image Intensifier Technology', these NVDs provide superior night vision with a longer endurance of 40 hours, hence equipping them with the tactical advantage with respect to position, information and maneuvers at night or during periods of reduced visibility.
The target of the initial reset is debatable, but should include Standard Army Management Information Systems (STAMISs), individual night vision devices (NVDs), and individual weapons (to include M240 machineguns).
See the Security Assistance Management Manual (SAMM) policy memo: "Guidance for the Transfer of Night Vision Devices (NVDs) (DSCA 04-25)" (http://www.dsca.mil/samm/policy_memos/2004/DSCA%2004-25.pdf).