NVFELNational Vehicle and Fuel Emissions Laboratory
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Over the last several years, the Ann Arbor site has seen a significant upgrade of its testing infrastructure, which included the installation and commissioning of five test cells that are intended to spearhead the NVFEL's testing of Tier 2 vehicles, Tier 2 and 3 non-road engines, and 2007-compliant heavy-duty on-road engines.
STARS, the product of a joint venture between Schenck-DTS, Ricardo and Horiba (SRH), has established its capabilities and robustness, which a recent test sequence involving a Caterpillar D12 diesel engine at NVFEL's heavy-duty test cell No.
As a result, STARS was fully accepted at NVFEL for validating tests to EPA standards.
The meter calibration was up to date and it was an instrument used for Compliance testing at the EPA National Vehicle Fuels and Vehicle Emissions Laboratory (NVFEL).
Once the track total road drag values for the GM Volt were determined with both the traditional coastdowns and the SS method, the vehicle was brought to EPA's NVFEL for the test cell portion of the study.
NVFEL has also performed comparisons between these two methods, in testing their five 4WD dynamometers for acceptance, and the results were always within +/- 2 lbf.
Here is a brief overview of each of the NVFEL test sites:
Heavy-Duty On-Road/Nonroad Test Sites--New and refined test systems from Horiba will soon be installed in two heavy-duty engine test sites at NVFEL to support EPA's very stringent standards for both on-highway and nonroad heavy-duty engines.
* A complete gaseous and particulate measurement system for new site HD05 located in rooms 423/425 at NVFEL, featuring a combination gas/diesel CVS, a particulate sampler, and a pair of MEXA-7000 benches--one for bag/continuous dilute analysis and the other for direct raw exhaust analysis.
Rather than perform acceleration testing at the NVFEL, test results from earlier model year five-and eight-speed Chargers, tested by Car and Driver, were used.
NVFEL - National Vehicle and Fuel Emissions Laboratory