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NVGSNorth Valley Guide Services (California)
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Dan and I should probably be on our NVGs, scanning.
It helped that another helicopter conducted an airdrop at Bray's location, delivering two kit bags full of ammo, NVGs, and medical gear.
The Indian Air Force has felt the need for helmet-mounted night vision goggle (NVG) for a long time.
Specifically, accuracy was reduced by 18.1 percent when UE armor was added and an additional 31.6 percent when NVGs were added to the helmet.
Ludwig slid off his NVGs and checked his watch and silently signaled the rest of the team to cast out and shape a perimeter operation for decisive action.
Do all Night Vision Goggles (NVGs) require End Use Monitoring (EUM)?
Israeli soldiers have the advantage of specific urban operations training, a modern communications system, personal weapons like night vision goggles (NVGs) and the Israeli designed Tavor, a highly accurate automatic assault rifle conceived specifically with close-quarter combat in mind.
LANTIRN, F-16, NVGs and Future IR Targeting Systems
I bring my assault pack, and it holds smoke, flares, NVGs, an additional four magazines of 5.56 and two more frags.
Instead of hundreds of thousands of cheap night-vision goggles (NVGs), armies will purchase tens of thousands (or thousands or hundreds; for smaller armies) of digital, fused thermal/image-intensification sensors/CCD|charge-coupled device| systems, which can be networked into the real infantry firepower of the future, supporting arms.