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NVINegative Volume Index
NVINederlands Vaccin Instituut (Dutch: Dutch Vaccine Institute)
NVINeurovascularly Intact
NVINon-Virtual Interface (computer programming)
NVINon-Value Indicator (stamps)
NVINew Ventures India (joint initiative)
NVINeovascularization of the Iris
NVINot Very Interesting
NVINear Vertical Incidence
NVINon-Verifiable Income (tax)
NVINonviolence International (Washington, DC)
NVINaval Virtual Intranet
NVINew Voice Infrastructure
NVINight Vision Instrument
NVINaval Virtual Internet
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Novra (TSX-V: NVI) is an international technology provider of products, systems and services for the distribution of multimedia broadband content.
* Maintain maximum ability to leverage existing NVI IP in other
An optical digital microscopy (Leica LED3000 NVI, Germany) with an image acquisition and transmission device is placed behind the MLA to catch the images in the microlenses.
Almost half of the therapists surveyed are responsible for assessing NVI in every person who comes under their care (10/22), indicating that they see this as a significant part of their role.
Two (16%) patients developed NVE and closely monitored for NVI and NVA.
Also, the MPI was one standard deviation below the mean and the NVI was nearly one standard deviation below the mean.
Through the observational periods, no onsets of NVI and NVG occurred; however, 1 case of vitreous hemorrhage was noticed in each group (the Conv group: at 29 weeks after PRP, the SPL group: at 30 weeks after PRP) (Table 3).
(13,14) Moreover, neovascular glaucoma in enucleated eyes, caused by iris neovascularization (NVI) or secondary peripheral anterior synechiae, has also been shown to correlate with tumor recurrence.
Tami Toroyan, a PhD technical officer for Unintentional Injury Prevention ManageA[degrees]ment of Noncommunicable Diseases, Disability, Violence and Injury Prevention (NVI), at WHO, said that while the UAE has notably made "numerous efforts to enhance road safety", there remain "areas that could still be improved".
Assim, recomendamos a Tito que, assim como ele ja havia comecado, tambem completasse esse ato de graca da parte de voces (2Co 8:1-6, NVI).