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It is aimed at employees aged over 25, who have no formal qualifications but wish to achieve NVID level 3.
The qualification is based on nationally recognised NVID standards and endorsed by SEWA and EMTA Awards Ltd, who award the qualification.
Florida's NVID International said that it is testing an environmentally-safe liquid disinfectant, Microsafe F-5A, as a bee protectant.
The NVID software (a proprietary of NRCC) was used to acquire each image and store it.
The center of gravity of each image is found using a NVID software command and fixes the x = 0 and y = 0 coordinates at this point.
In this section, we demonstrate the effectiveness of the SPIM by applying the method to three nonlinear NVIDs. All of the numerical computations have been performed in MATLAB R2014aand terminated when the current iterate satisfies [parallel][u.sub.k] - [u.sub.k- 1][parallel] [less than or equal to] [10.sup.-16], where [u.sub.k] is the solution vector of the kthSPIM iteration.