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NVLNull Value
NVLNist Virtual Library
NVLnot Validate
NVLNationale Versorgungs Leitlinien (German: National Supply Guidelines)
NVLNational Veterinary Laboratory
NVLNight Vision Laboratory (Night Vision and Electronic Sensors Directorate, NVESD; US Army)
NVLNavy Virtual Library
NVLNew Venture Lab
NVLNo Visible Lesion (pathology)
NVLNot Very Likely
NVLNuclear VCP (Valosin-Containing Protein)-Like Protein (genomics)
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TN's women take on neighbours Team Durham and the men will tackle their arch-rivals IBB Polonia London - a team looking to continue their NVL winning run for a third straight season.
Place and Duration of Study: Anatomy Department Armed Forces Postgraduate Medical Institute (AFPGMI) Rawalpindi Pakistan in collaboration with National Veterinary Laboratories (NVL) Islamabad Pakistan from April to May 2008.
Disease severity among animals was scored on a 0-7 point scale, as described previously [25] and outlined in the Supplementary Material (see Supplementary Material available online at http://dx.doi.org/10.n55/2014/361634); a score of 0 represented NVL (no visible lesion) cases with culture-negative results, 1 represented NVL cases with at least one culturepositive tissue, and [greater than or equal to]2 represented culture-positive lesioned animals, with progressive scores from 2 to 7 representing the greatest single dimension of the largest head-region lymph node gross lesion.
A random sample of twenty opera titles found that eight are available through ASP's Opera in Video in identical productions, and eleven through NVL. Thirteen of the thirty Dance videos are available through NVL.
MEMBERS of the Crdiff Royl Nvl Assocition hold get-together t the City Arms t bout 12.30pm on Wednesdy.
Australian metals miner SolGold plc (LON:SOLG) said it had invited offers from potential buyers for its Guadalcanal joint venture (GJV) together with its partner NVL Solomon Islands Limited, a unit of US gold producer Newmont Mining Corp (NYSE:NEM).
NVl, NV2: Natural vegetation areas 1 and 2; B, banana area; G, guava area; M, maize/bean in succession area; P, pasture area Area N Mean Median Min.
[Ca.sup.++]-dependent calmodulin binding sequence in myosin hydrophobic residue Myosin hydrophobic residue Chara (IQ4) 817 AIR IQSAIRSLAARRVL CVL A.thaliana 827 VIH LQSAVRGWLARKHF NSM Drosophila NinaC * 1040 VIK VQSMMRALLARKKV KGG Drosophila NinaC ** 1076 ASK IQKAFRGFRDRVRL PPL Rat myr4 856 NVL FSCHVRKVNRFSKV EDR The [Ca.sup.++]-dependent calmodulin binding sequence, the type 1- 5-8-14, found in myosin, particularly in IQ motif in the neck except myr4.
La excepcion es la instancia Nvl en donde se detectan soluciones menos parecidas entre corridas y un alto coeficiente de variabilidad entre ellas.
International Resource News-March 31, 2011--Solomon Gold PLC says NVL Solomon Islands Ltd taking on Guadalcanal Phase II(C)1994-2011 ENPublishing - http://www.enpublishing.co.uk