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NVMeNon-Volatile Memory Express
NVMeNoise or Vibration in Main Engine (Navy)
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'We are proud to recognize an array of Micron 9200 NVMe SSDs, combined with the Weka File System, achieving record-breaking performance with the trusted independent industry SPEC SFS 2014 benchmark.'
F-Series uses NVMe flash drives for reads and writes -- up to five times faster than traditional flash-storage/networking systems -- to deliver real-time editing and rendering of 4K and 8K.
Tony Hollingsbee, SSD business manager, Kingston Technology Europe Co, said: "We are proud to release the next generation of its entry-level NVMe PCIe SSD."
This is because it has successfully demonstrated the use of NVMes over Fibre Channel SAN.
Our CD5 and CM5 Series NVMe SSDs deliver high performance with low latency, making them ideal choices for the DriveScale Composable Platform and for future NVMe-oF opportunities, said Tatsuya Tanaka, vice president of ecosystem and standards at Toshiba Memory America, Inc.
Operating systems like Microsoft Windows 10 that support NVMe "know" to use SSD "TRIM" as opposed to HDD "defragmentation" to minimize unnecessary SSD writes.
The test system was a compact 2U 4-server chassis, with a total of 24 NVMe drives, connected via a 100Gbit RDMA network to 8 BeeGFS client compute nodes.
"PCI Express Gen4 is the next performance benchmark for NVMe storage systems, and our NVMe customers have been eager to test their NVMe Gen4 devices at speed.
ZNS NVMe SSDs offer several benefits over traditional NVMe SSDs.
In response to customer demand, Excelero and ThinkParQ already have deployed NVMe storage clusters with BeeGFS and NVMesh to increase productivity of advanced GPU compute clusters.
Internally, there's 16GB of rapid DDR4 memory and up to a 1TB PCIe NVMe SSD in RAID 0, and up to 2TB HDD.