NVMSNorthern Virginia Mediation Service (Fairfax, VA)
NVMSNetwork Video Management System (DVTel)
NVMSNiu Valley Middle School
NVMSNoise/Vibration Monitor System
NVMSNo Visible Means of Support
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In DTCWT2 to DTCWT4, three regional based fusion rules are applied on low frequency coefficients to testify this inference and, in DTCWT5, the regional based NVMS is used both on low frequency and on high frequency coefficients for potential improvement.
Finally, in DTCWT5, where both low frequency and high frequency use regional based NVMS fusion rule, the deviation mainly focuses on the edge of the middle Pepper.
The rich open integration API offered with the Latitude NVMS platform affords end users the interconnection of their video system with other systems within the enterprise to aggregate security data.
This integration will allow us to marry our best-in-class Latitude NVMS with VidSys' industry-leading platform, which will benefit the end user with ease-of-use, a streamlined workflow and enhanced capabilities.
The Latitude NVMS is a fully scalable, enterprise-class video management system.
Sonys new NVMS will be available in two editions: Standard, for small to mid-sized businesses, and Enterprise, for larger organizations.
The new NVMS also offers an option for users to future proof their technology investment when their video and content management needs change or expand.
Latitude NVMS is one member of DVTel's Smart Security Solution suite which also includes Solus Video Management System, ioimage intelligent video analytics, advanced security control room applications and the full line of H.
Intransa appliances are built to incorporate the power of certified technology, such as DVTel's Latitude NVMS, in a dependable, risk-free deployment.
missions between NVMS, BCMS and DSW, and other interested parties.
Since releasing VideoEdge and victor nearly two years ago, we ve listened intently to customers and partners so that we could bring to market what we feel is the most intuitive, most powerful NVMS on the market, said Steve Carney, director of product management for American Dynamics.
The American Dynamics NVMS powered by victor and VideoEdge is available through Tyco Security Products worldwide distribution channels.