NVNNishikigoi Vereniging Nederland (Dutch: Nishikigoi Association Netherlands; Japanese fish)
NVNNever Winter Nights (game)
NVNNatuurfotografen Verbond Nederland (Dutch: Nature Photographers Association Netherlands)
NVNNational Videotex Network
NVNNisqually Valley News (Washington)
NVNNot Very Nice
NVNNew Ventures Network
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In his recent book on the A-1, my 1st Special Operations Squadron (SOS) colleague, 1st Lt Bryon "Hook" Hukee, notes that the 602nd SOS, which pioneered the Sandy search and rescue (SAR) mission tactics and execution, on the one hand saved dozens and dozens of downed aviators, many in extremely high-threat environments in NVN and Laos.
After completing an NVN Q (a qualification which is now called QCF) with ACT Training more than 26 years ago, Tamzin remembers how valuable her qualification was and how it set her up for working life.
Deployed on commodity x86 servers, NVN significantly reduces lifecycle CAPEX/OPEX beyond that of traditional site-by-site-managed networking solutions.
The NVN is comprised of a three-tier SDN architecture providing end-to-end virtual networking, centralized orchestration and automation, and superior interoperability and integration with legacy routed networks as well as higher-level management systems such as Microsoft System Center.
One of the advantages of NVN for distributed enterprises is that it facilitates an extremely low risk and low cost path to try SDN virtualized networking and to evaluate the benefits, said Fletcher Hamilton, president and CEO of Netsocket.
The sentence types in (3) thus indicate that children learning German will become familiar with the three different word orders in matrix clauses VNN, NVN, and NNV.
I tuned through the frequency bands on my Weasel equipment and picked-up the first sign of NVN radar activity, a Soviet-made Bar-lock radar that would be passing to the enemy our altitude, heading, and the number of aircraft in the raid.
The NVN promotes collaborative working amongst its 56 member companies that are encouraged to develop innovative and competitive niche vehicles and technologies.
Also Arbor's affiliate, NVN Hotels will manage the hotel, the company said.
At the show, which runs from today until Sunday, five manufacturers will be showcasing their products on the NVN stand which will be opened by AWM chairman Nick Paul.
NVN Hotels, an affiliate of Arbor, will manage the hotel as Arbor oversees a significant renovation and revival of the property.
Arbor Lodging Partners makes investments in hotels, acquires loans secured by hotels, and, through its affiliate NVN Hotels, manages operations for its own hotels and those owned by third-parties.