NVRINational Voting Rights Institute
NVRINational Veterinary Research Institute (Poland)
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Thus extents of productivity for individual institutes per staff are: NIPRD = (415/10.12); NITR = (232/8.00); NNMDA=(107/4.65); NVRI = (515/13.21); NIMR = (372/10.94).
Ethiopia has few research (and teaching) institutes governed by the federal/state governments and their affiliations, namely, AHRI, ALIPB, EARO (and the agricultural research institutes of the regional states), EHNRI and NVRI.
(He equates money with speech, and thus thinks that banning political dollars is an infringement of the First Amendment.) McConnell's NVRI interview chronicles the special treatment high-dollar donors received from the senator: The institute's lawyers corner him to the point of admitting that he knows the names of his corporate contributors but not the names of any working-class types who might have contributed smaller amounts to his campaign (thus making the point that those who give big money have a more significant impact on the political process than those who give less or nothing at all).
The study showed that methionine supplementation levels higher than the NRC requirement in broiler diets caused adverse effects in the immune response to locally produced Newcastle disease vaccines (by NVRI), growth performance (up to complete paralysis), organ characteristics and blood variables of birds.
These carcasses were submitted directly by clients for postmortem examination and avian influenza diagnosis and were selected based on laboratory confirmation of HPAI H5N1 virus infection at the NVRI laboratory.
The National Voting Rights Institute (NVRI) (www.nvri.org) of Boston, representing the interests of minority and poor voters, charges in a lawsuit that McCain-Feingold violates the Constitution.
He acknowledged the efforts of the National Veterinary Research Institute (NVRI) in domesticating animal disease diagnosis but pointed out that emerging challenges and changing trend in clinical manifestation of diseases calls for a more aggressive intervention.
Sera were obtained by centrifugation and transported to the Avian Viral Research Unit, National Veterinary Research Institute (NVRI), Vom, Plateau State, for laboratory analysis.
N Correlation (Sample P Type of Institution (r) No.) Value relationship Decision Not significant Not significant Not significant Not NIFFR -0.358 25 0.079 -ve significant NSPRI -0.117 10 0.747 -ve Not RRIN -0.240 05 0.697 -ve significant IAR 0.322 15 0.227 +ve Not NIOMR 0.091 21 0.695 +ve significant CRIN -0.167 27 0.405 -ve Not LCRI -0.399 19 0.090 -ve significant NCRI 0.098 18 0.725 +ve Not NAPRI -0.814 11 0.002 -ve significant NRCRI 0.349 26 0.081 +ve Significant NIFOR 0.297 12 0.348 +ve Not NIHORT 0.359 21 0.110 +ve significant NVRI -0.034 32 0.855 -ve Not IAR&T -0.098 08 0.818 -ve significant Total .009 250 .882 +ve Not significant Not significant Not significant Not significant P Value > 0.05 = not significant P Value < 0.05 = Significant
Similarly, Mr Solomon Chollom, a member of the G50 group and the Chairman of the Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists, National Veterinary Research Institute (NVRI), Vom chapter, said the association would set up a temporary laboratory in the camp.
Defending the bill were the state of Vermont, the Vermont Public Interest Research Group, and the Boston-based National Voting Rights Institute (NVRI).