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NVSRAMNon Volatile Storage Ram
NVSRAMNon-Volatile Static Random Access Memory
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In addition Simtek is granted the right to use certain intellectual property of Cypress in developing future generation nvSRAM products, including the jointly developed 0.13u SONOS-based CMOS process, advanced SRAM IP, design-related IP, design-for-manufacturability know-how; and other IP related to Cypress' advanced CMOS manufacturing processes and procedures.
Cypress nvSRAM is the fastest NVRAM technology in the industry, with access times as low as 20 ns.
The 16 Mb nvSRAMs are the fastest high-density asynchronous nonvolatile RAMs on the market, with access times as low as 25 ns.
During normal operation, the nvSRAM constantly monitors the power that is supplied to it.
The combination of Ramtron s FRAM technology with Cypress s nvSRAM business, considerable R&D resources, historically strong manufacturing capabilities, global sales organization, and deep extension into distribution channels will create a significant new entity in the nonvolatile memory business.
The new 16-Mbit family pushes the envelope of speed, density, and performance while delivering the same superior reliability that is the hallmark of our nvSRAM portfolio, said Babak Taheri, Vice President of the Non-Volatile Products Business Unit at Cypress.
Cypress Semiconductor introduced a family of 16 Mb nonvolatile Static Random Access Memories (nvSRAMs), including devices with asynchronous parallel and asynchronous Open NAND Flash Interface (ONFI) Standard 1.0 interfaces.