NWECNational Women's Education Center (Japan)
NWECNational Wireless Engineering Conference
NWECNorthwest Energy Coalition
NWECNational Warheads and Energetics Consortium
NWECNorth Western Electric Cooperative (Brian, OH)
NWECNorthwest Environmental Conference (Portland, Oregon)
NWECNational Women Entrepreneur Council (Mauritius)
NWECNylon Wool Effluent Cells (immunopathology)
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(18) Given the policy of avoiding words with Western origin in governmental documents, Osawa states that the expression seibetsu ni kakawarazu (regardless of one's sex/gender) used in the document actually meant "gender free." (19) Osawa says that she was inspired by the concept of gender used by Christine Delphy, a French materialist feminist, who visited Japan in 1989 and delivered a lecture at the NWEC. (20) Japanese feminist scholar Ueno Chizuko adopted Delphy's concept of gender, which, according to Ueno, claims that gender is a division itself that results in hierarchy.
(16.) For a detailed history of NWEC, see Tomomi Yamaguchi,Ogiue Chiki, and Saito Masami, Shakai Undo no Tomadoi:Feminizumu no "ushinawareta jidai" to kusanone hoshuundo [Social movements at a crossroads: Feminism's "lostyears" vs.
The OTA is executed with the National Warheads and Energetics Consortium using a consortium management firm which provides a single point of entry for the government in its relationship with the NWEC members.
The innovative solution offered by NWEC was to get private parties to build, own, and operate the entire infrastructure, while also buying electricity in bulk from the national supplier, thereby allowing mines to concentrate on their core mining operations, while having their non-mining electricity needs met to the stringent standards the mine also demands.
Fix said he wasn't sure the port is necessarily better suited than the NWEC to take the lead on the ADO.
Under the new partnership, the four organizations came together--with the NWEC as the grant administrator--to apply for funding, which was recently awarded.
Jace Tyrrell, from the NWEC, said: "Just as we used to head to New York to grab a bargain, we're now seeing foreign visitors, particularly Europeans, flocking to London."
Mr Tyrrell from the NWEC said: "Just as we used to head to New York to grab a bargain, we're now seeing foreign visitors, particularlyEuropeans, flocking to London.
"This is a long-awaited and significant first step in growing and nurturing early stage and startup companies in our community," said Bruce MacCormack, NWEC council chairman.