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To show a necessity of Numerical Wave Flume (NWF), current structurally-resistive design against wave action is overviewed.
For this computation, an NWF, which can directly calculate the time history of the pressure distribution around a pile, is useful.
The NWF, which can calculate pressure distribution around the caisson and time history of boundary-neighboring velocity directly, is necessary to examine the stability of structure especially for cases under the existence of liquefaction and scouring around the caisson.
As a method to collect data effectively without taking costs, technologies based on Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), including the NWF, are hoped to be a core tool of the design of coastal structures.
Although the NWF is a computational tool for coastal wave, its target is not limited to a water-surface wave.
However, now complex sediment transport in the surf zone can be directly computed by applying the sediment transport mechanics with the NWF which enables detailed understanding of the velocity-field structure in the surf zone.
The NWF, or the solver of liquid phase, enables the development of the computational science of the sediment transport by being coupled with DEM, or the solver of solid phase (e.g., Harada et al., 2015, (43) 2016 (44)).
First, to show a necessity of NWF, current structurally-resistive design against wave action was overviewed.
The latter part of this article described recent improvements of the particle method as core methods of the NWF. Accurate particle methods have been developed for attenuating unphysical pressure fluctuation, which is the common nature of Lagrangian methods.
But because the paper has a significantly lower base weight, the amount needed to mail "Wild Animal Baby" actually decreased, saving NWF nearly $46,000 per year.