NWMANorthwest Mining Association
NWMANorth Western Metropolitan Area (UK)
NWMANational Woodwork Manufacturers Association
NWMANet Worth Maintenance Agreement (finance)
NWMANew Wall Motion Abnormality (cardiology)
NWMANational Western Mining Association
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The NWMA concept allowed the PLA to place crisis-management operations into a three-category overall typology of military operations (see figure 1): war, nonwar military operations, and foreign-military cooperation.
It explicitly differentiates between the traditional PLA mission of using force in wartime to annihilate the enemy, on the one hand, and NWMA, wherein military power would be guided by the principles of crisis management, on the other.
A `Spatial Vision Group' was formed to prepare the vision for the NWMA. It is made up of officials and experts from the seven member states, representing national and regional levels of government and the NWMA INTERREG secretariat.(6) A multinational consultant team led by the University of the West of England in Bristol, headed by Vincent Nadin, facilitated the work of the Vision Group.(7)
(3) The NWMA's present boundaries were devised under INTERREG IIC in 1997 and are due to expand under the next INTERREG programme (IIIB), when the area will become known as North-West Europe (NWE)