NWMONuclear Waste Management Organization (Canada)
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"Technical studies and engagement with people in the area identified a number of factors that would pose challenges in siting a repository," said the NWMO release.
South Bruce, Ontario, mayor Bill Goetz says the 200 permanent jobs created by the NWMO facility "would really help us." Yet the idea of locating a storage facility in densely populated Southern Ontario next to an immensely important water supply--rather than a spot with the Canadian Shield as its sturdy foundation--has raised concerns.
84) but not providing sufficient evidence or analysis to suggest that the decision makers (NWMO) considered "non-expert" knowledge to be as important as "expert" knowledge.
This Act provided for the formation of the NWMO and required it to make recommendations to the federal government within three years.
In its final report, the NWMO recommended a process that included
Tom, "Improvements in Methodologies for Radiographic Measurement of Diffusion Properties in Low-permeability Rocks, and Development of Methods for pH Measurement in Brines," NWMO, NWMO-TR-2016-16, 2016.
say they strongly reject the prospect of the North Shore of Lake Huron becoming a site for the long-term storage of nuclear waste for the Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO).
1 agreement with the Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) that will hopefully lead to an educated decision for the communities as they consider being host to nuclear waste storage.
1977) or in Saskatchewan (being considered by NWMO 2005), the numbers will be much larger.
The Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) was created by the Uranium Power Industry in late 2002, in response to the federal government's Nuclear Fuel Waste Act.
One of the more difficult forecasting challenges in northwest Missouri (NWMO) is the arrival of heavy snowfalls, which can occur frequently during the cold season and usually in association with synoptic-scale waves.
Funding for this research was provided by a NWMO (Nuclear Waste Management Organization, Canada) grant held by K.