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NWONew World Order
NWONederlandse Organisatie voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek (Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research)
NWONetherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science)
NWONo Way Out
NWONetwork Operator
NWONederlandse Wiskunde Olympiade (Dutch: Dutch Mathematics Olympiad)
NWONatürliche Wirtschaftsordnung (German: Natural Economic Order)
NWONorth West Ohio
NWONeighborworks Organization
NWONational Wrestling Organization
NWONetwork Warfare Operations
NWONorth West Ontario (Canada)
NWONew Wrestling Order
NWONetwork Watch Officer
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Each year, NWO awards the Veni grants to young researchers, many of whom have recently obtained their PhDs.
The burden of failure of the NWO lies with the US as was its formulation and anticipated success.
The battle is now on for the hearts and souls of ordinary Americans, with the greedy globalists insisting their NWO goal must prevail for the good of all.
The New Jewel Movement's National Women's Organization (NWO) took up this challenge, operating from within the ruling party.
The lowdown on NWO. So what's all the fuss about having a normal weight, but a higher body fat percentage?
"The other designs have a Rube-Goldberg-type feel to them," adds Marc Kuchner (NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center), who is also a member of the NWO consortium.
The current Bush initiative for Liberia is a continuation of the disastrous UN-Africa NWO policy started by President Bush's father over a decade ago.
"The NWO biotechnology initiative application is better geared towards the needs of the northwest region than the pan-northern approach," Eccles explains.
The Netherlands National Computing Facilities Foundation, a foundation under the umbrella of NWO, formulates and implements policy on the national high-end computer infrastructure.
The Dutch Research Council (NWO) has awarded three million euros to seven early-stage researchers in physics and chemistry through the START-UP programme.