NWPANetWare Peripheral Architecture
NWPANorthwest Pennsylvania
NWPANuclear Waste Policy Act of 1982
NWPANavigable Waters Protection Act (Canada)
NWPAPacific Northwest Electric Power Planning and Conservation Act
NWPANorth Wales Police Authority (UK)
NWPANorthwest Wood Products Association (Bend, OR)
NWPANorthwest Pinzgauer Association
NWPANilgiri-Wynaad Planters' Association
NWPANational Waste Policy Act of 1982
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Several amendments have also been made to the NWPA. These include the consideration of Yucca Hills as the first place for a geological repository and the prohibition on working at a second place without acquiring permission from the U.S.
Beyond Yucca Mountain--the long-stonewalled Nevada repository identified by amendments to the NWPA in 1987--the law allows for only two other nuclear waste options: to build one or more interim storage facilities to temporarily consolidate SNF across the nation until a permanent repository is completed; or use federally monitored retrievable storage (MRS) facilities, in which the DOE could store nuclear waste from commercial nuclear plants pending permanent disposal or reprocessing.
(40) The official process was quickly and notoriously circumvented, seemingly by power politics, when Congress passed an amendment to the NWPA colloquially known as the "Screw Nevada Bill" that established Yucca Mountain as the permanent repository site.
CRS Report R40996, Contract Liability Arising from the Nuclear Waste Policy Act (NWPA) of 1982, by Todd Garvey
When the DOE moved to withdraw its application, before the NRC had issued a final decision on the matter, various entities sued the DOE for failing to comply with its statutory mandate under the NWPA. (14) Although the majority dismissed the suit, In re Aiken County, (15) as premature, (16) Judge Brett Kavanaugh's concurrence captured the issues that were implicated--issues that may well be discussed in a future case:
(18) In an attempt to mitigate its potential liability to the utilities for breach of contract, the DOE issued an interpretation of the NWPA concluding that it had no statutory or contractual obligation to accept nuclear fuel so long as the repository was not in existence.
The NWPA protects the public's longstanding right to navigate the country's waters and also acts as a trigger for federal environmental assessments of construction projects such as bridges and dams.
Common causes of NWPA. Cause Look at Excessive catalyzation Dwell times, temperatures Smooth topography on resin * besmear process not able to produce a topography * excessive solvent penetration * Insufficient rinsing after cleaner/conditioner step * Inadequate etching of the resin-poor topography Electroless copper deposition * Check rate coupons-is dep rate too rate higher than normal?
However, amendments to the NWPA embedded within this piece of economic recovery legislation could remove historical access rights of hunters, anglers, trappers, canoeists and other users of formerly declared public waterways.
NISHNAWBE ASKI NATION GRAND CHIEF Stan Beardy fears impending changes to the Navigable Waterways Protection Act (NWPA) under consideration by the Government of Canada threatens First Nations who have relied upon navigable waterways to sustain their livelihood for centuries.