NWPCNational Women's Political Caucus (since 1971; Washington, DC)
NWPCNational Wages and Productivity Commission
NWPCNational Waste Prevention Coalition (King County, Washington)
NWPCNordic Wind Power Conference (Scandinavia, Europe)
NWPCNorth Western Province Canal (Mahaweli Water Security Investment Programme; Sri Lanka)
NWPCNational Witness Protection Center
NWPCNational Working Party on Captioning
NWPCNorthern Wheatbelt Program Committee
NWPCNational War Powers Commission
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The NWPC defines supervening event as any extraordinary increase in basic goods like petroleum and services for a given period, which is usually for three straight months.
Mandated under RA 6727 or the Wage Rationalization Act and RA 6971 or the Productivity Incentives Act, the NWPC formulates policies and guidelines on wages, incomes and productivity and exercises technical and administrative supervision over the 17 RTWPBs.
The increase which was approved by the RTWPB and affirmed by the NWPC took effect on March 16.
Acron established NWPC in 2005 before the company purchased the license for a phosphate deposit (Oleny Ruchei) in October 2006 for $7.
NWPC boasts 77,000 members, 300 local chapters and a $2 million annual budget.
In a resolution, the high court en banc gave DOLE and NWPC 10 days to comment.
I am a resident of NWPC Ltd (the proposed owner) in another part of the city, and I am an ex-addict.
Both NOW and the NWPC built on the activities and analyses offered first by welfare rights activists.
Mills describes and quotes Hamer in a manner that confirms both Hamer's identification with NWPC women and Hamer's sense that women, like men, are divided on the issue of race.
Organizational representatives and individuals who received permission to speak included Bella Abzug, NARAL, NWPC, Business and Professional Women (BPW), and the YWCA.
Petitioners said the minimum wage set by NWPC and RTWPBs failed to meet the suggested living wage by various think-tanks including the IBON Foundation.