NWPINorthern Water Problems Institute (Russia)
NWPINorth West Pacific Islands
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In tests, first the researchers made native NWPI films using a 5% WPI aqueous solution with a WPI-to-glycerol ratio of 2-to-1.
The best impulse times for HWPI and NWPI films were 2.5 and 2.0 seconds, respectively.
The grease test was extended to 16 hours to observe any differences in grease barrier performance among DWPI, NWPI, FC, and PVOH coatings.
DWPI and NWPI showed similar excellent grease barrier compared with commercial PVOH and FC after four hours.
Initial gloss measurements for DWPI, NWPI, FC, PVOH, CC, and UN were 18.94, 49.80, 6.32, 17.91, 57.85, and 7.07, respectively.
NWPI coating showed yellowing after two months--an undesirable packaging characteristic.