NWPONuclear Waste Project Office (Nevada)
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Similar to the lipid-normalized total POP concentrations, TIC concentrations were significantly different among sites [F= 31.75, p =<0.0001, with df= (7,70)], with the lowest mean levels of 0 04 [micro]M detected in the NWPO and the highest mean concentrations of 1 12 [micro]M in the NWAO (Figure 5B).
Regions were largely distributed along a POP concentration gradient, with lower total POP levels (NWPO, SWPO, SCS, IO) negatively associated with PC1, whereas regions with higher POP levels (NEPO, GOM, NWAO) were positively associated with PC1.
Calculated meal recommendations based on the levels measured in individual fish varied from as many as 787 meals/mo in one fish from the NWPO down to only 3 meals/mo in fish from the NEAO, GOM, NEPO, and NPO (Figure 7).
One exception was seen in a fish from the less contaminated site of NWPO, where nearly all the PBDE load was attributed to a single congener, PBDE-209.
Note: GOM, Gulf of Mexico; IO, Indian Ocean; NEAO, Northeast Atlantic Ocean; NEPO, Northeast Pacific Ocean; NWAO, Northwest Atlantic Ocean; NWPO, Northwest Pacific Ocean; SWPO, Southwest Pacific Ocean.